ITAM Games

Dungeon & Princess

200K+ Downloads Game is Reborn as an Online Version! Ready to Meet the Princesses?! Leggo!

A popular game with over 200K downloads returns with updates Rich in content! The same 2D hardcore elements!

Event 1
Daily Rewards Event

Amazing rewards for 28 days attendance

  • Arena Ticket
  • Random Skillbook
  • Medium, Advanced Potions
  • Gold Bar
  • Weapon, Defense Chest

Event 2
Launch Event(in preparation)

For just 7 days, great rewards giveaway!!

  • Dungeon Key
  • Gold Bar
  • Random Skillbook
  • Rare Defense Chest,
    Epic Weapon Chest

Rare Defense Chest,
Epic Weapon Chest

Be the first to play Dungeon Princess at launch!!

Engaging Content

  • Detailed Pixel-Art Graphics

    12 characters, each with their own individual skills Attractive graphics and voices!!

  • Tag System, Much Like Old-School Arcade Games

    The Thrill of Tag-Style Battle Meets RPG!

  • The Real Hardcore RPG!

    180 boss monsters + up to 1,000 levels Hardcore difficulty available

  • PVE, PVP Upgrade!

    Addition of daily dungeon, arena, ranking, and other various content

  • The Enjoyment of Equipment Farming

    430 equipment item farming and set options!

Where Play Becomes Assets

  • 1. Acquire Digital Assets

    Acquire digital assets (such as items) by playing the game.

  • 2. Digital Asset Exchange

    Trade acquired items on the exchange (NFT Farm)

    NTF Farm Go to arrow_forward_ios
  • 3. Acquire Cryptocurrency

    Sell digital assets and acquire cryptocurrency

A Real Hardcore RPG
Dungeon Princess: Infinity

Infinity is the upgraded game of the popular 2D RPG Dungeon Princess. The single player game has been turned into an online game, PVP&PVE, community, and more various elements were added. Experience the moment of victory with the more easy-to-use controls and more dramatic stage difficulties. Feel the dot-stylew and hardcore concept of Dungeon Princess now!

  • Automatic event participation once logged into the game.
  • Gold and equipment chests are given away for the first time of access only
  • Keys are given out every day for 7 days from the date of initial login
  • The 3 legendary chests are given out only to users who log into the game for 7 days in a row.
  • Only one event participation per account